Front-End Developer Salary in Israel, Survey.

Published on 30 October 2011

Around four months ago I have chatted with a friend of mine about the current state of web development industry in Israel. Of course, as it is an important subject, we have also discussed the average salary offers we were both getting. (We are both front-end developers, that is HTML, CSS, JavaScript and all the surroundings, such as templating engines, web pages loading optimization, cross-browser quirks etc.) Well, two heads are good, but 50 heads are better.

So I have conducted a little survey with a short set of questions (I know it's not too comprehensive, but it was put together rather quick).

These are the questions that were asked:

  1. Your current salary in New Israeli Shekel
  2. Your hourly rate in USD for hour-based projects
  3. Sex
  4. Years of experience in the field (HTML, CSS and JavaScript)
  5. Full years of age
  6. Level of expertise in JavaScript

I have put the level of expertise in JavaScript as a separate question, as from experience this is a rather important point that has significant impact on the final salary (this has proved to be true).

30 professionals have filled the form, the survey was anonymous, all answers were optional.

So, here's some of the information:

The white circles represent the developers who have participated in the survey.

  • Current Salary, in NIS
  • Hourly rate, in USD
  • Years of exprience
  • Level of expertise in JavaScript

Average age is 28.5, most of the applicants are male (only 2 female developers participated). Average salary is around 17500 NIS.

19% of the applicants are freelancers who don't have set monthly salary. 81% are employees.

All of the applicants have worked more than 2 years in the field: 42% have more than 5 years of experience. 19% have 3-4 years of exp. 14% have 4-5 years of exp. 6% have 2-3 years of exp.

As you may have guessed, more years of experience and the better expertise in JS results in the highest salary: the average salary among these who has more than 5 years of experience appears to be 21,800. Among these devs 70% have indicated their knowledge of JavaScript as "professional" (can build web application that will work fast and will be easy to maintain).

This is a bit dated already, well, the times they are a changin’. But in conclusion, if you know JS and you've got about 5 years of experience you shouldn't ask for anything less than ₪22,000. One US Dollar costed 3.43 Israeli shekels at the time of writing, so 22,000 was about $6400 back then (don't forget that's before the taxes!).

The interactive graphic is built with excellent data-driven animation library d3.js and the source for the above can be found here.