Misha Reyzlin

Web Engineer

Special cases aren’t special enough to break the rules.
Although practicality beats purity.
Tim Peters, The Zen of Python

Contact Information


Career objective

Senior Web Engineer responsible for a useful product, working in a team of motivated professionals.

Employment history

  • Senior Developer


    I am working on making the Shopify checkout extension experience better.

    Javascript, Workers, remote-ui, CSS, React, Nodejs, Rails

  • Senior Frontend Engineer

    Hier Foods

    Help the engineering move from MVP to a maintenable product.

    React Native, Expo, Firebase, Google Cloud Functions

  • Senior Frontend Engineer


    I was the first in-house engineer and I helped release the Dance pilot-programme in Berlin – I worked on React Native app for locking and unlocking smart locks, invitation and sign-up flows and the landing pages.

    React Native, Nextjs, IoT over Bluetooth, dynamodb, graphQL

  • Senior Frontend Engineer


    As a Senior product engineer I was responsible for release and maintenance of IDAGIO desktop apps (macOS and Windows). I have also contributed to the development of the web and embedded apps, as well as internal tools.

    React/Redux, Nodejs, Flow, Server Side Rendering, Electron, React-Static

  • Frontend Team Lead


    Noa was a hardware startup that built always on GPS-trackers for bicycles. Together with hardware, fleet management system (FMS) was provided to company’s clients. I was leading the team developing the client-side part of the FMS – real-time GIS interface to control fleets of thousands of bicycles.

    React/Flux/Mobx, Nodejs, Leaflet, Jest

  • Frontend Engineer


    Contributing to all major web properties of the company: HTML5 embedded player, desktop site and the mobile web application

    jQuery, Backbonejs, Nodejs, Server Side Rendering, Karma tests runner

  • Software Engineer

    Here.com (Nokia business)

    GPS navigation maps web application for iOS, Android and other HTML5 enabled mobile devices.

  • Self-employed Software Engineer


    HTML5 apps development, JavaScript consultancy, Mobile Web development


JavaScript, HTML, CSS,
Node.js, React, React-Native, Backbone.js,
website performance and loading optimization,
cross-browser issues, mobile web

Experienced with

Ruby (Ruby on Rails, Sinatra), Python (Django), PHP, ASP.net
Browser developer tools, Git,
*nix terminal (vim, ssh, scp, &c.),
Linux (Debian), Mac OS X, Windows,
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign,
Apache, Nginx


  • Russian – native speaker
  • Hebrew – native level proficiency
  • English – full professional proficiency
  • German – limited working proficiency